Bishop Oyedepo Rejoices After Member Who Had Been Dead For Over A Day Was Resurrected After Prayers (Video)

Yesterday, a lady shared the news of her brother who had been declared dead for over a day and injected for embalmment only for him to resurrect after prayers by members of Bishop David Oyedepo’s church.

Following the testimony, Bishop David Oyedepo, who is being given credit for the miracle, took to the pulpit to praise God for the miracle done through his church.

He pointed out that the boy was raised to life by “Jesus that David Oyedepo serves”. He also used the opportunity to pray for members that everything dead in their lives will come back to life.

Bishop Oyedepo rejoices in church after member who had been declared dead for over a day was resurrected in the mortuary after prayers from his church (video)

Watch the video below:-