Why Fayemi Will Beat Eleka At The Polls In Ekiti 2018

1) fayemi is a former governor of the state.Don’t let anybody deceive you that a one term governor of a state doesn’t’ have any political base in the state he governed for four years.
as will speak he still has his loyalist not just in grassroots but also in the civil services of ekiti.
he left power with just one month salary owing but today ekiti is owing 7 months salary.

2) fayemi performance as a governor dwarfs fayose achievements in every sectors of the state.

3) fayemi has the backing of grassroots politicians of the states e.g seun Oni, niyi adebayo daramola e.t.c.

4)fayemi has only one term to complete the likes of segun oni and other grassroots politicians will be making a political blunder if they Don’t support him cos he only has four years to rule.

(5) fayemi didn’t lose election to fayose. he lost to the federal forces that was lead by Minister of defence musiliu obanikoro.
2018 the federal forces is going to be on his side

(6) the likes of amechi, saraki,tinubu,oshomole was barred from entering ekiti prior on the eve of elections to give their candidate moral support.

2018 ,the president will lead the federal forces to ekiti and apc will storm ekiti will the full arsenal.

the likes of tinubu,Buhari,saraki,amosun,ameachi, el rufai, ganduje ,rochas okorocha, oshomole, ambode akeredolu will be present on ground.

it is going to be a tough one but fayemi will definitely come out victorious.

Opinion was freely expressed on Nairaland and not necessarily the position of the editorial team of SPY NIGERIA.