Unbelievable: Labourer Spotted Lifting Heavy Bag Of Cement With His Bare Teeth In Lagos (Photo)

A labourer has been spotted staging a rare display of power in Lagos as he lifts a bag of cement with his bare teeth.

The man lifted three bags at once
This is the moment a labourer was seen proving just how strong he is in a Lagos community. The man was spotted carrying as many as three bags of cement at once with one of the bags set between his teeth.
The incident happened at the Alaba-Oro area of Lagos during a construction work.
According to one Jolayemi Stephen Sunday who shared the photo and story online, the labourer was one of the workers who took part in the casting of decking at the ECWA church in Alaba-Oro. He revealed that it happened on Democracy Day.
Social media users have expressed amazement at how the unnamed man was able to achieve the incredible feat.