Kemi Olunloyo Begs Instagram Big Boy, Hushpuppi For Money

Self acclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has been caught begging for money from controversial Instagram big boy, Ray Hushpuppi.
Olunloyo who in the last one year has had trouble with the law and spent a few months in prison took the courage to plead with Hushpuppi to financially support her cause to get medical treatment following mental disorder issues which she developed after being incarcerated.

She shared a recent picture of Hushpuppi on her Instagram page, calling on him to donate money to her, adding that he may want to beat the N100,000 which popular bogger, Linda Ikeji had initially sent her for her legal fees.

kemi wrote: #hnnstyle It’s his dressing that pops my eyes open.

The one and only @hushpuppi. Come and beat BEAT #lindaikeji’s 100k donation to Aunty Kemi’s prison and mental disorder ISH.

Caught Hush puppi fighting someone online about all my palava calling out the person and I heard the phrase “Aunty Kemi’s ish”

Love your style Ray. Hope to hear from you soon. Account details 3020832750 First Bank NOT second bank o. That one na Linda’s bank. Second na “Ikeji” in Yoruba. Abeg fake people don’t come begging me for school fees when I see HP’s alert. 🇳🇬👜🌶😁#hnncomedy