He drank himself to stupor, laid naked on our baby girl after having s*x with me —Wife


A man, Olasupo Adeyemi has told Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State he’s no longer interested in his marriage to his wife, Jumoke  Adeyemi.

According to Olasupo, his 12-year-old marriage has been riddled with crisis since they got married because of his wife’s troublesome and non submissive nature.

He thus prayed the court to separate them and grant him custody of their four children whom she had denied him access to since she moved out of his house in February.

Jumoke acceded to divorce when the claims were read to her.

“My lord, my wife packed her belongings out of my house out of her own free volition. I declare before this court today that I’m also through with her since she has decided to walk out of our marriage. All I pray the court is to grant me custody of our children who she has denied me access to since she left in February, “the plaintiff stated.

“I’ve tried to condone her excesses and bear with her arrogance and non submissive nature for 12 years and can’t take it anymore.

“My wife derives pleasure in flouting my orders and she’s always rubbing shoulders with me in the home which results in us arguing and fighting every moment.

“On February 27, I returned from work and met an empty home. My wife had packed her belongings and that of our children and left home. Surprisingly on this day we never had a misunderstanding or fought before we both parted ways in the morning.

“I called her on the phone but she refused to pick my call. I went to her mum’s place where I learnt she moved to but was given no audience. She also rebuffed all efforts I made at seeing the children, “Olasupo told the court.

“My lord, she arrested me with the police after she accused me of coming to her with my friend to destroy her things.

“I’m tired of  her, please separate us.”

“My lord, we started fighting from the outset of our marriage. He’s a footballer and drinks heavily. He was always absent from home and even when he was around, he would prefer to hang out with his friends.

“He is not a caring husband and didn’t know what I went through carrying our children’s pregnancy for the four times I did. All he knew to do was to impregnate me, go away and return to meet the babies.

“We had a misunderstanding early in our marriage; I was then pregnant with our first child. My mother in-law and sister in-law forced me into a vehicle and took me to my mum’s place.  My mother in-law handed me over to my mum stating that her son was no more interested in his marriage to me.  Whatever love I had for my husband died since then.

“I told my mum I was through with our marriage but my mum insisted I must go back to my husband. I was with her for six months before our differences were resolved and I went back to him and had our baby, “she told the court.

“My husband was in the habit of drinking himself to stupor. He was laid off work for getting drunk and was off job for three years. He kept picking up menial jobs while I supported him in running the home with whatever income I made from my job.

“My lord, there was a night my husband got drunk, had s*x with me and after we were through went and laid naked on our baby girl who was eight months old. I was shocked and dragged him off her. I reported him to his elder brother the following morning.

“He always fought me with broken bottles and was in the habit of harassing me in my shop. He is actually regarded as a nuisance in my work place. Any time we fought, he would threaten to kill me and throw me into the river.

“l left home the last time we fought because he almost killed me. He lied that I took the children with me. He gave them little or no care and neglected their welfare. He was always returning home in the midnight. I received several calls from neighbours and friends informing me of the …… our children were going through and the hazards they were exposed to being female children. This spurred my decision to go and pick them.

“My siblings rented a one-room apartment for me where I now stay with our children, “Jumoke added.

“Through the help of my family members, I now run a beer parlour which took off barely three months ago but his family members accused me of being the one who indulged him in drinking, “she concluded.

After listening to both parties, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje stated that more evidence would be needed.

He, therefore, adjourned the case till June 4, and asked the two to come to court with their children and parents.


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