Nigerian man lists what ‘good s3x’ will make you do

A Nigerian man and Twitter user @Puremind_ who seems to have been getting good sex lately, took to the platform to share what it can make you do.

His tweets read;

Good sex will influence your decision and make you think you’re in Love.

Good sex will leave you blaming yourself for an event that was totally not your fault. Good sex will have you apologizing for shits you didn’t do.

Good sex will have you think you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Good sex will let you see a distance like Lagos to Maiduguri as Yaba to Oyingbo.

Good sex will make you disown your family.

If the sex is good, take a timeout to understand that you’re are actually really in Love. Some people think they are in Love but nah, it’s just the sex saying that shit in their head. Remove the sex and see if there’s anything left. That’s the essence of this thread Goodnight

He also had this to say on sexual compatibility;

Sexual compatibility is a big deal and should be talked about more. Wait a minute, Oh we can’t because Premarital sex is a sin.

A good number of men and women live together as husband and wife with zero sexual satisfaction. More common with the women. But because they don’t want to bruise the man’s ego, they keep quiet and suffer in silence. Several years of marriage, no single orgasm.

Also, some men are married to women who do not enjoy sex at all Some even see sex as a dirty act. They just lie there, let you put it in and when you are tired, ejaculate and they get up. But how do we talk about sexual compatibility when pre-marital sex is a sin tho. It is well.