35 Natural home remedies for menopause symptoms women should know


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Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life. When a woman has passed through menopause, her monthly periods will end and she could no longer get pregnant naturally. Many women experi­ence some emotional as well as physical symptoms during men­opause, caused by hormonal im­balance. Typically, a woman will start to experience menopause symptoms around her mid-40’s when her own body’s reproduc­tive capability comes to the end. Women could look this article on Vkool for expert advice on natu­ral home remedies for menopause symptoms.

I. Natural Remedies For Men­opause – 17 Menopause Symp­toms

1. Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are a transient, sud­den sensation of heat or warmth that spreads over the body, form­ing redness or flushing, that is es­pecially noticeable on a woman’s face and upper body.

2. Night Sweats

Night sweats are severe hot flashes that happen during sleep associated with intense bouts of sweating. In fact, night sweats are not a sleep disorder, yet a com­mon perspiration disorder which happens during sleep in those menopausal women.

3. Irregular Periods

Most females will experience short, absent, or irregular peri­ods at certain times in their life. There are many triggers that cause irregular periods; one of them is hormonal imbalance. In women of 40-mid’s, the hormonal imbal­ance is resulted from the reduc­tion of estrogen and progester­one levels.

4. Vaginal Dryness And Pain With Intercourse

The reduced production of es­trogen and progesterone could impact the thin layer of moisture which coats female vaginal walls. Thus, women could experience the condition of vaginal dryness. Though this condition can happen at any age, it is a particular prob­lem for menopausal women. Signs consist of itching around the vul­va and stinging or burning. Due to vaginal dryness, women will feel a little bit of pain during intercourse and might even bleed or feel like they need to urinate frequently.

5. Frequent Urination

This is a common problem for those menopausal women. They tend to lose control of their blad­der. They also feel a constant need to urinate without a full bladder. The reason is, during menopause, the tissues in women’s vagina and urethra lose the elasticity and the lining thins. Also, the surround­ing pelvic muscles might weaken.

6. Reduced Libido

Those menopausal women of­ten feel less interested in sex dur­ing their menopause period. This is resulted by some physical changes caused by the reduction of estrogen. The changes contain a delayed clit­oral reaction time, absent or slow orgasmic response, and vaginal dryness. It is critical not to confuse sexual desire with sexual function.

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7. Mood Swings

This symptom of menopause is surprisingly common, yet could be difficult to deal with. A female experiencing mood swings might feel like she is on a rollercoaster of emotions, up and down continual­ly. Mood swings could be intense or sudden, though the experience of them might differ among women.

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8. Skin, Hair, And Other Tissue Modifications

When women age, they will ex­perience some major changes in their hair as well as skin. The loss of collagen and fatty tissue will make their skin thinner and drier. This also affects the lubrication and elasticity of the skin around vagi­na and urinary tract. Also, the re­duction of estrogen might result in hair loss, and make the hair feel dry and brittle.

9. Fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue is the most popular menopause symptoms. This is defined as a reduced energy levels and persistent feeling of tired­ness and weakness, rather than just sleepiness and drowsiness. Fatigue in menopausal women is caused by hormonal changes and affects dras­tically on the women’s daily life.

10. Sleep Disorders

When it comes to menopause symptoms, sleep disorders are com­mon. Walking many times through­out the night, turning, tossing, and insomnia are some of the sleep dis­orders. Women start to experience restless sleep about 5-7 years before really entering menopause.

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11. Difficult Focusing

Many women find them have difficulty in concentrating and ex­perience mental blocks. This could impact enormously on different as­pects of a woman’s life. The reason of this condition is hormonal im­balance, resulted by estrogen defi­ciency.

12. Memory Lapses

Many women entering meno­pause often complain of their mem­ory lapse and memory loss. These could be very distressing for females who have never encountered a beat before.

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13. Weight Gain

A thickening around your weight might be a symptom of the meno­pause problem. Hormonal changes during the menopause period could affect the weight gain and the redis­tribution of fat.

14. Irregular Heartbeat

Irregular heartbeat is consid­ered as one of the concerning men­opause symptoms. Rapid heartbeat or bouts of pounding might scare many females due to their sudden onset and the challenge in calm­ing them. However, there are some other causes of irregular heartbeat, such as nicotine and caffeine, so you should classify the causes of your heartbeat carefully

15. Breast Pain

Breast pain is typically character­ized as a discomfort or pain accom­panied with applying or touching pressure to the breasts. Breasts ten­derness or soreness in just one or even both breasts might be resulted from hormonal changes. The pain might happen at different times and intensities in each woman.

16. Digestive Problems

Digestive problems are defined as some modifications in gastro­intestinal function with the signals like gastrointestinal cramping, ex­cessive gas production, and nausea. Digestive issues could be because of the change in diet or lactose intol­erance, the rejection of the body towards dairy products like cow’s milk.

17. Itchy Skin

When the estrogen levels reduce during menopause, the produc­tion of collage also reduces. Colla­gen is strongly responsible for keep­ing fresh looking skin, skin toned, and resilient. Skin dryness results in itchy skin, a symptom which could disrupt women’s daily life and sleep­ing.

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